Saturday, 24 November 2012

Download USB Show 1.0 free

USB Show 1.0

USB Show is a tiny but very efficient application that will help you recover the files hidden by various infections, be they aimed at USB drives or hard disks.

Although called USB Show, the program can work with hard disks as well, but the scanning process will take a lot of time, especially when dealing with very large devices.

Scanning an 8 GB flash drive took around 20 minutes in our case, while working with a 250 GB hard drive could even reach one hour.

Nevertheless, the time it needs to do its magic is less important if its indeed efficient.

USB Show is based on a one-click recovery process, so the interface is extremely user friendly. Theres only one button you can ever hit, the one that starts the scan, but you are also prompted to choose the drive you wish to analyze.

Unfortunately, there is no help file included in the application, so in case you may need some assistance when working with it, you wont get too much information.

Still, just to stay on the safe side, its better to make a backup before using the app because it may also recover some malicious files as well. Plus, its better to keep the antivirus always open, again to make sure you wont get assaulted by dangerous content.

All in all, USB Show might come in handy to a number of users, but there are many things to improve before even considering trying it. Good thing its free though.


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